P&G Media World is a multi-media production company based in Enugu, Nigeria.

We are an excellence and quality minded establishment focused on providing quality services, excellent customer relations, integrity of character, and most of all, aim for societal reformation through digital innovations.

We offer digital products and  services such as software development, product design, graphics design, printing, publishing, branding, adverts and general documentations.

e-Education Solutions

e-Edication Solutions is a fully automated school management software specially designed for running schools and colleges (CRECHE/NURSERY/PRIMARY/SECONDARY), providing parents, teachers and pupils equal access to the schools resources while getting the best of education, powered by modern technology.

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Our Core Purpose

Every business' core purpose is to make profits, and we are no exception to that. But beyond profits making, we put our clients and customer's satisfactured above evry other thing. Hence, we put the following in perspective while we strive hard to give our clients and customers the best of service:

  • Full value for your money.
  • quality customer service.
  • Prompt service delivery
  • integrity in business and service.

Service Delivery

Our service delivery is unwavering. We employ every tool and means possible to make sure that our clients get orders delivered on time.

Most companies are keying into the benefits of remote service, and we are not an exception to that. No matter the distance or geolocation of our clients, we'll reach you there, all we need is an internet connection, and that our client can atlease have access to a decent internet coonnection.

Our Services

Digital Product Design

The success of a product depends largely on the quality of the design. This is where we come in...

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Web development
Web Development

We build and deploy web applications  e.g. websites, web-app, softwares, database systems, etc...

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Graphics Design

Creativity is a serious business, and we dont's joke when we are working. We employ every available tools...

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Branded items give your business, company or event a personalized look and feel...
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Industrial Lamination

Give your books and other important documents that protective shield and shine they need to last longer...

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We print Banners, Posters, Books, Brochures, Magazines,etc.

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Our Products

e-education Solution

This software is packed full of tools for managing schools and administring online educations...

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e-Church  Solutions

This software is designed specially for managing the affairs of any church, no matter the denomination or size...

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Our Team

Paul Uchenna Adolphus
Paul Uchenna Adolphus
Lead Web Developer
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Ginika Uchenna
Ginika Bethel Uchenna
Lead Graphics Designer
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